At Setup Site Inc, our strong clientele base and customer-oriented team demonstrate our success at serving your personal and business interests. Since 1998, we have registered more than 10,000 domains, and we currently host over 30,000 sites, proof of our dedication and excellence in Web hosting.

Our clients are based in every U.S. state, and our services have advanced to serve more than 100 countries-from Australia to Greenland, Singapore to Yemen, and Japan to Zimbabwe. Our experienced, friendly and innovative staff has helped network and promote thousands of satisfied customers.

Our web hosting systems are both secure and reliable, maximizing the potential of all your ventures, but it is our supportive Setup Site team that truly makes our cutting-edge technology work for you. Our skilled team excels at assisting both large and smaller operations, and we offer the personal attention you deserve to help you find and maintain the hosting services most suited to your needs. We host sites for Ford, Agillent, and Bank of America, yet we also maintain rewarding and successful relationships with clients from smaller businesses and projects.

We moved into a new data center on February 1, 2002, growing as an operation to provide unprecedented customer-service support. Here at Setup Site Inc., we are continuously expanding our services so that we may better and more efficiently serve you.

AT&T provides our backbone connection. Compaq provides all our servers.
Dell provides all our in house PCS. Hewlett-Packard provides all our switches.
Cisco provides all our routers. Belkin provides all our cabling.
All our servers and desktops run
Microsoft Windows.
All our mail servers run Ipswitch.
All accounts run LiveSTATS for comprehensive site statistics. APC provides power management, temperature control, and battery backup.